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What Does Classroom Management Mean to You?

Discover strategies for developing a nurturing, democratic classroom culture. Engage children in learning how to navigate peer-to-peer situations, negotiate, problem solve and develop critical thinking. Learn how to create an environment that supports social-emotional development through connection to help provide opportunities for children to gain independence.


The Reasons Why

Establishing Relationships

  • Open Houses

  • Orientations

  • Centre Tours

  • Community Events

  • Social Media

  • Word of Mouth

  • Community Connections

Welcoming Families to the Program

  • It is important that families always feel welcome in our programs

  •  From the moment first contact is made, to the initial meetings, daily conversations and even after a child has left the program

  • Ask parents what their expectations of the program are

Perspective and Values

  • It is important not to assume that staff and parents share common perspectives and values with regards to child rearing practices

  • Differences may exist as a result of personal preference, economic conditions, life experience, generational factors

  • This may lead to misunderstandings or judgment of each other

How Are Children and Families Represented in the Space?

  • Are children and their families represented in your program space in three different ways?

  • Think about how children’s artwork is displayed and curated

  • Family photos, documentation and signage on each child’s cubby

  • How can we create a feeling of home away from home for children and families within our programs?


Book an ECE Workshop

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ECE Workshops for Individuals

Inspired ECE understands that not everyone can participate in our professional development workshops as part of a group or team. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. Periodically, we run ECE workshops for a group of individuals when we have enough interest.

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Julie Hansen, Early Childhood Educator, Consultant and Author

Julie Hansen

Early Childhood Educator, Consultant and Author

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I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 24 years, having received my Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Douglas College. Since then, I have gained experience in a variety of areas within the field of Early Childhood Education: Director of a preschool, supervisor of after-school care as well as 3-5 and Infant Toddler programs and centre management. My primary focus has evolved to encompass team leadership, management training and program development. I have had articles published in provincial and national ECE journals on the topic of emergent curriculum and leadership. My goal as an Early Childhood Educator and facilitator is to support fellow educators and early years professionals in providing high-quality early learning experiences for children and families.


ECE Publications

Canadian Child Care Federation
Canadian Child Care Federation
Urban Baby & Toddler Magazine
The Early Childhood Educator BC
The Early Childhood Educator BC


Management and leadership courses offered by an Early Childhood Educator truly is a gift in this line of work. Julie Hansen’s insight and understanding of childcare and early learning dynamics developed my skills and confidence as a manager. Her ideas are innovative, thoughtful and easy to implement for myself and my team. I enjoyed my one to one coaching calls, team workshops and leadership series I have taken with Julie. I recommend her to any new or veteran ECE or ECE Manager.

À:lmèlhàwtxw Early Education Centre - Stó:lō Service Agency

We were blown away by how amazing Julie's Skype workshop was! She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about early childhood education.

Assistant Director
Oakbank Kids Korner Co-op Inc.

I would recommend Julie Hansen, Inspired ECE to anyone in the Early Childhood Education field! Julie has been a positive influence in my life with all of her workshops and resources. Julie has so much knowledge of all of the areas of Early Childhood Education and quality early learning experiences. I always walk away with something new and many ideas to take back to my own programs after attending a workshop with Julie . I've also done a consultation with Julie regarding recruiting ECE's and she had so much advice to offer. Thanks to Julie's advice, I was able to hire not one but TWO Educators for my center. If you're looking for professional development opportunities and/or professional consulting, I highly recommend connecting with Julie! 


Early Childhood Educator
Colour My World Childcare

Thank you Julie for sharing your wisdom, time and resources with me.
I truly appreciate it.

Early Childhood Educator

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