Management Training Descriptions

Inspired ECE Management Workshop Titles and Descriptions

Strategies For Creating A Cohesive Team Culture

Establishing strategies that support a cohesive team culture is an essential part of management. Gain a clear understanding of each team members' communications style. Create individual and program goals, develop a team mission statement and learn the importance of setting aside time to connect with each team member. Understand the power of reflection and the importance of acknowledging team effort on a regular basis. These are all effective management strategies that support  teamwork.


Establishing Effective Communication In ECE Settings 

Learn techniques beyond basic interpersonal communication skills that will assist supervisors, managers and owners in the development of their teams, giving feedback, providing mentorship opportunities and creating a unified, productive and effective working environment.


Supporting Transitions Into Management Roles 

How do we differentiate between employees at their peak personal potential versus a candidate that is equipped to make the leap from individual performance to success in leading a team? Learn strategies that will support team members who are interested in becoming leaders as they begin this new journey into a management role.