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Inspired ECE Workshop Titles and Descriptions


Deconstructing Circle Times 

What does circle time mean to you? Come and explore all the different possibilities that group time can offer. Learn how to incorporate science, math and dramatic play experiences, embrace emergent learning opportunities, transition ideas, and build resources.


Setting Up ECE Environments for Success

Inspiration comes in many forms. Discover how to offer opportunities for children and families to explore your learning environment. How can we as educators bring nature into our spaces, include recyclable materials in our room set up, create everything from quiet areas that support emotional development to messy sensory fun. Have you ever tried putting together a construction zone for large motor play? We will also discuss evaluating your program and potential changes that could be made to layouts as well as recognizing the important role documentation plays in ECE programs.      


Making Science and Math Concepts Fun

Finding ways to incorporate hands-on science and math experiences into programming can be a challenge. Discover fun interactive activities that support young children as they explore the wonderful world of science and math. Discover ways to bring science experiences to the children in your programs in unexpected ways.


Messy Art

Celebrate creativity by exposing children to a variety of mediums, tools and materials through open-ended art activities. Learn how to provide children with experiences that support inclusion and a diversity of developmental needs. This can all be possible through hands-on art situations. Discover the important role that documentation and display play in our programs for children and families when showcasing art experiences.

Inviting Sensory Experiences for Infants and Toddlers

Creating diverse sensory experiences for Infants and Toddlers is an important part of any program's curriculum. Discover new, unique, eye catching sensory situations that promote language and social development. Learn techniques to assist young children in exploring tactile learning opportunities.

Fostering Program and Family Connections

Creating opportunities and experiences that bring program staff and families together is very important. Discover how to create a welcoming, nurturing environment. Learn how to host family fun events, brainstorm interactive documentation opportunities and celebrate daily activities with open consistent communication.


Strategies For Creating A Cohesive Team Culture

Establishing strategies that support a cohesive team culture is an essential part of management. Gain a clear understanding of each team members' communications style. Create individual and program goals, develop a team mission statement and learn the importance of setting aside time to connect with each team member. Understand the power of reflection and the importance of acknowledging team effort on a regular basis. These are all effective management strategies that support  teamwork.

 Engaging Program Activities and Experiences For Infants and Toddlers

Incorporating new activities and experiences based on children’s interests and needs can be a challenge in Infant Toddler settings. Discover how one source of inspiration can inspire activities in your program. Learn great ideas for adding interactive, creative hands on learning opportunities for Infants and Toddlers.

Introduction to Emergent Curriculum

How do you include children’s thoughts, interests and ideas into your program planning? Discover strategies for incorporating emergent curriculum opportunities into your daily practice. Also learn how to use observation, documentation and the Early Learning Framework to assist educators in providing engaging, reflective learning experiences for children and families.

Incorporating Rough and Tumble Play into Childcare Programs

During this workshop you will gain a better understanding of how to incorporate elements of safe risk play into early years environments. Review strategies and ideas for including rough and tumble and super hero play into early childhood education curriculum.

What Does Classroom Management Mean to You?

Discover strategies for developing a nurturing, democratic classroom culture. Engage children in learning how to navigate peer-to-peer situations, negotiate, problem solve and develop critical thinking. Learn how to create an environment that supports social-emotional development through connection to help provide opportunities for children to gain independence.

Invitation to Play

Join me in discovering the value and importance of provocations—we as educators can support child development by following the children’s interests as we create environments and experiences for children to explore.


Connections to Nature

How do you support connections to nature in early years programs? Explore hands-on learning opportunities inspired by nature that can be created within your own program space. Discover how providing positive experiences for children in nature can have an effect on their overall development.

Exploring Seasonal Gardening In Early Years Settings

Discover a wide variety of ideas for planting, developing insect friendly garden spaces, container gardening options, and incorporating vegetable patches into program outdoor spaces. Join me as we look at creating invitations for play that showcase the growing process, recycling and the beauty of nature. 

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